Hello 2011!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy NYE. I know many people went out and attended several different parties and visited several local hot spots.  Our evening was spent at home with our two dogs.  This set the tone for a quiet and restful time off rather than something I needed to recover from.  We did however, enjoy brunch at the Omni on New Years Day.  It nice being able to sit and enjoy a great meal as everyone else was hurrying around trying to check out of the hotel.  I highly recommend this brunch.  The price is decent and the quality of the food outstanding.  As you can see (right below this post) we are bringing on a new frame platform for 2011.  This is a peeker of the new TT/Tri frame.  Super aero...super stiff.  I'll post a pic when finished and the owner has seen it...So, I hope everyone is taking advantage of this nice weather and getting on their bikes or getting time inside.  A new year signals its time for strong winter training habits to begin with a healthy diet to match.   We will have some information soon regarding  indoor roller rides and Cardinal Bicycle Co racing team updates.


  1. Post those roller/trainer rides, Joe! I'm interested!


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