State your purpose.

I thought it interesting to lend a brief statement as to why now.  Why, after so many years would we open our thoughts to the interwebz (Die Antwoord)?  Eventually, I would like to sell things on this site (imagine that) a "retailer" interested in peddling his wares.  First and foremost though, there is some seriously funny stuff that happens around here and it must be shared.  Honestly, I don't believe you can laugh enough in one day and this is an attempt to add humor to a sometimes fateful existence.  We have come up with a few things that should add plenty of material to post.  Some obvious, some not.  Bike of the day, quote of the day, dumb ass of the day...etc. you get the point, will keep this blog fresh and ever changing.  Fountain Square is our home and we aim to present it (mostly) unfiltered.  So, off we go and I hope you enjoy (or at least have an opinion).