Cardinal Bicycles

What is a Cardinal Bicycle site without a picture of the bikes?  Incomplete.  It is still hard for me to express in words what I feel when I see a Cardinal Bicycle, much less ride one.  The models pictured here: Envy and Wrath CX represent where we are currently in our development as a company.  It's no secret, this project has taken a huge amount of time.  Partly, to the detriment of Joe's Cycles, riding my bicycle, and family.  Sometimes I lose track of the fact we are a fully functional bicycle shop as well as a bicycle company.  To me this has become my normal existence.  I guess at times such as now and with the new year approaching, this is the cliche time for reflection.  Thankfully, all of that time and hard work paid off in the production of several models and an exercise in futility was not realized.  However, honestly... I had grown accustomed to seeing the Cardinals in the shop.  Walking by them daily as if to say:  "yea, your here...of coarse you are".  Recently though things have changed.  Initial reflection has lead to deeper introspection.  These bicycles represent a culmination of countless relationships both past and present.  I want to express a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in this venture.  A new year is approaching and with it changes.  Some I welcome, some are met with lamentation.  One thing is certain though, I am more focused now than ever and I am no longer working on the "overload principle".  This new year will be much more calculated to grow on the base we have built over the past 3 years of  shop ownership.  Big changes are on the horizon here in Indianapolis regarding the bicycle culture.  Fakes, haters, scene jumpers, ankle biters, ego manics, coat-tail riders,  yo eddies, politicians, posers, stoners, roadies, hippies, hipsters, yipsters you are all welcome as far as I am concerned.  I've seen all of  them through the eyes of a bike shop over the last 23 years.  If bicycle riding is the next best thing...SO BE IT! It's about time. Cardinal Bicycle Co./Joe's Cycles is our name, Fountain Square is our home.  Come fly with us!  Merry Christmas.
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